Alternative Conflict Resolution Organization - Ombuds Section
The Ombuds/Ombudsman Section is comprised of people either practicing in or interested in the Ombuds and Ombudsman profession.

American Bar Association - Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice: Ombuds
Ombuds receive complaints and questions from individuals concerning people within an entity or the functioning of an entity.

Coalition of Federal Ombudsmen
The Coalition of Federal Ombudsmen exists to support, assist, advance, and edify those who serve Federal Government institutions as Ombudsmen; those institutions considering, developing, and hosting these programs: and those who benefit from these programs.

International Ombudsman Association
The mission of IOA is to advance the profession of organizational ombudsman and ensure that practitioners are able to work to the highest professional standards.  The association supports Ombudsmen working worldwide in corporations, universities, non-profit organizations, government entities and non-governmental organizations.

Organization of News Ombudsmen
Organization of News Ombudsmen is an international association of professional journalists who serve as internal watchdogs, monitoring accuracy, fairness and ethical practice for their newspapers and broadcast media.

The United States Ombudsman Association
The United States Ombudsman Association serves governmental ombudsman offices across the United States and member offices in Canada and other parts of the world.


Agree Dispute Resolution
Agree provides services through its partners and a panel of highly qualified Associates with training and experience in effective conflict management.

Mediation Training Institute International
Ombuds professionals are invited to become Certified Professionals in Managing Workplace Conflict.

Mediation Works Incorporated
Mediation Works Incorporated is dedicated to providing innovative dispute resolution services and training to corporate, institutional and individual clients seeking to resolve difficult disputes.

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